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Reviews of Capital One Spark Cash for Business

Find 2% cash for all of your purchases, paying little mind to the sum you can request and track outstanding orders. There is a one-year cost, they deferred the principle year.

Fundamental concern: Do not fear a one-year charge. The more you spend on your business, the all the more appealing this card is.

Energetic realities

Unlimited 2% cash salary will cost an expansive number of dollars a year

Win up to $ 2,000. Find a $ 500 cash remunerate when you spend $ 5,000 in the underlying three months of your record opening

Furthermore you can secure $ 1,500 if you spend $ 50,000 in the underlying a half year. Limited Time Offer

Use Spark Cash to use all costs of doing business and classes that limit your purchase

$ 0 from the get-go yearly cost for the essential year; After 95 thousand

Prizes don’t vanish in the midst of your record lifetime and can be assembled at whatever point

Forgo your staff credit cards for business and gain profits by your operational cost

Great conditions

Mind blowing reward

There is no outside trade charge


Yearly cost

High APR

All around assessing

A champion among the most outstanding responses of cash back credit cards for business is that their reward structure shields various business visionaries from getting a lot of money. For example, if you get 5% to store your office space, it’s inconceivable if your business relies upon paper, ink, and altogether more. This is useful to no end, if not.

That is the reason Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business is so noticeable with business visionaries and why NerdWallet has been a champion among other credit cards for business for a long time. This card pays a vast 2% cash for each purchase – there are no additional classes you don’t have to worry over.

Capital One® Spark® for Cash for Business: Basics

Yearly cost: $ 0 for the principle year, by then $ 95.

Enrollment Bonus: $ 2,000,000 Bonus: You will get a $ 500,000 cash compensate if you spend $ 5,000 to $ 1,500 in the underlying three months of the underlying three months when you consume 50,000 in the underlying a half year of your record opening. Obliged Time Offer ..

Constant prizes: 2% cash withdrawal each time you buy.

Credit expense: APR in headway 18.74% APR.

Outside trade charges: None.

Why Capital One Spark® Cash for Business?


Various business cash cards pay 1% for most purchases and higher characterizations. These classes generally deal with working expenses, for instance, office outfit, travel, communicate correspondences, advancing, transportation, and so forth. Capital One Spark® Cash for Business gives 2% cash to each purchase. This is ideal for proprietors of associations whose costs don’t fit into various arrangements of credit cards for business or don’t focus on any characterization.

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